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Fine art photography

John Eric Hawkins is a photographic artist exploring the apparent, underlying,and interconnecting forms in nature, our bodies, and our psyches. Educated in the use of photographic processes while living in Santa Cruz, California, John developed a serious aptitude for the visual expression of what is seen and felt. Religiously applying both the use of the large camera, and the controls of printing in the darkroom, he has devoted the past 30 years to the creation of images that project the form and emotion of the world around and within us. Recently John Eric has been working on a series of multi-medium images that incorporate the use of pastels, found objects, photography, pigment inks and archival paper. Regarded as a master printer, his work is included in both private and corporate collections world-wide.

A General History of Work Represented

The photographic prints shown at this gallery are dated from early 1985 up to and including the present date. This represents twenty years of consuming work. A large number of prints where done in series but the galleries will show work that is not chronological but rather unified by common theme.

 A general chronology and progression of work by time and location. 

Spring in Georgia. Summer in Yellowstone.
          Fall in the Southwest.
          Locally worked from Winter to Fall on a series of
          images representing each season on Cherry Creek.
          Worked on creating new Pastel images.
          Edited the previous years work.
          Spent the Fall in Yellowstone.
          April-Traveled the Southwest working in Color.
          June through September- extended stay in Portugal, photographing daily.
Developed methods of working on multi-medium images that incorporate the use of pastels, found objects, photography, pigment inks, and cotton rag paper. September spent with 23 days in Morroco.
Continued the CORE series and started the Pastel series.
Created a series of color images using the nude female in nature to show the fear of entering life, our active engagement with nature, and the peaceful state drawn from this union. The title of this series (approximatly 40 images) is "CORE".
Exploring the use of color and pigment inks as an archival expression of emotion and story telling. Began a series of images using dead or dying flowers to depict the reforming of our existence after death. Also started using Pastels to paint my backgrounds. Combined found objects with orthopedic implants to create a series of fine art images for Zimmer Holdings.
Water movement and new inspiration.
An amazing series of nude images done in the High Sierra depicting the passage from waking state to dream state, bringing the Spirit of our natural world and the Spirit that we recognize as our Self to a combined reality.
THE YEAR OF THE BOOK. Working with David Gardner at Gardner Lithograph, a folio of my work is presented in “The Ancient Shape of Man”. Combined with poetry, 85 images were reproduced in a large (13x13 inch) book that remains faithful to my original print intent.
Spring - Southern Arizona and up into the Owens Valley. (That summer and then the winter I spent preparing to do one year of work on just one topic.) I started the year driving out to California doing one or two images a day. When I got back to Indiana I was ready to start the Limestone Figure series. As soon as the Quarries dried out from the snow and rain, I spent the rest of the year working with nothing but the 11x14 camera and with three different models. The series is very unique and resulted in forty plus images.
Spring - New Mexico, Utah, Arizona, Colorado. I go back into the slot canyons for the first time since 1993. I had stopped working the slots because there was a glut of work being done and I wasn't interested in more of the same. I now was seeing the work as figurative in nature and had a clear vision of a series of beautiful images that would accompany the nude figures I had started on.The year before I had begun working with an 11x14 Deardorff field camera and started a series of nude figure images. This work began as the female nude representing the landscape. The next year I did a series of images that dealt with unwanted social pressures that we yield to. The series was manifested by the nude body in conjunction with skulls.
Fall - More work in the slot canyons and Southern Utah, my mind and the spirit of the land unified for an extraordinary receptiveness of light and form.
Spring - Back to the central coast of California to complete ideas started the year before.
Fall - The High Sierra and the Owens Valley on a series entitled "Last Light".
Spring - The Coast of California, a great time of rediscovery, Fall - Wyoming and Yellowstone
Indiana, Southern Ohio, California Desserts
Extensive journey throughout the Southwest
More time spent in the Owens Valley and back to limestone.
Joshua Tree, Death Valley, Mono Lake, and then back to Maine
Back out to the Southwest working on architectural forms, closed canyon and open space.
Spring - Spring in the Smokey Mountains and back up to Canada. Fall - The coast of Maine. Winter - Start of ice form series that entails working in the same frozen stream one day each year. I continue this through 2002.
The Niagara Escarpment, as it reaches into Ontario, brings a new wash of imagery. I begin exploring “negative versus positive” space relationships. In the next few years I begin to understand that the subject matter is of no more visual importance than the commonality that comes in tonal and surface relationships. This seen at its strongest arrangement is pure composition.
Working in the ice of winter and the darker deciduous forests of summer presents a new environment to my meditative state and further enrichs my vision of a universal theme throughout nature.
I moved to Northern Indiana and started work on limestone block forms.
Spring - Joshua Tree National Monument, Death Valley
Fall - Anasazi Ruins and back to the California desserts
Spring and Fall I spent extended periods of time in Arizona, Utah, New Mexico, and the Eastern Sierra Nevada.
Work solidified and the quest of WHY? instead of just how I photograph began.
Living in Santa Cruz, California, I spent most of these earlier years working along the coast of central California, in the Sierra Nevada, and in the Mojave Desert regions. I spent time on the logistics of hiking with the 8x10 view camera.

Random Images