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Brown-spined Pricklypear Cactus
Buckhorn Cholla Cactus, variant -01
Buckhorn Cholla Cactus, variant 02
Buckhorn Cholla Cactus -02
Desert View, Grand Canyon National Park -62
Grand Canyon National Park, -70
Grand Canyon National Park, Low Passing Storm -171
Grand Canyon National Park, Morning Light Arrives -204
Grand Canyon National Park, Ominous Situation -182
Grand Canyon National Park -198
Inner Revelations, The Grand Canyon -91
Petrified National Forest, Arizona -14
Petrified National Forest, Blue Mesa and Spring Clouds
Santa Rita Pricklypear Cactus
Staghorn Cholla, natural variant hybid -01
Staghorn Cholla, natural variant hybrid -03
The Grand Canyon, In the Midst -1

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